System 1 Patented Retainer:

Unique patented Polypropylene retainer in conjunction with our CSIRO fire tested Aluminium mesh being custom cut and bent on site to suit your roof and gutter to form an effective barrier against debris entering the guttering system offering you protection from leaves blocking gutters.

Custom Gutter Mesh Retainer System 1 pic 1Custom Gutter Mesh Retainer System 1 Pic 2

System 2 New Construction:

Add our custom gutter protection system to your build, you can guard against leaves blocking gutters and comply to your specific BAL fire rating.

Custom Gutter Mesh New Construction 1Custom Gutter Mesh New Construction 2

System 3 Slip Systems:

Installed on top of existing roof, commonly referred to as slip system, mesh is attached to the roof extending over the gutter shielding from blockages and leaves.

Custom Gutter Mesh Slip System 1Custom Gutter Mesh Slip System 2


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